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Choosing The Best Denture Glue


There are certain days in a person’s life that he needs some extra assurance that his dentures will not embarrass him by falling out. At times dentures can become loose and very uncomfortable yet you cannot be able to reach a dentist. Moments like these are when you realize the importance of using the best denture adhesive. However, choosing the best denture adhesive can be quite challenging. The most important thing to consider before making any purchase is choosing the type which is the best for you. The first thing to consider is the comfortability in terms of odor and your dentures feeling in good place. The next thing to consider is the assurance that your dentures will remain in position throughout the day without slipping or sliding in your mouth.


Different brands of denture adhesive available in the market come various forms. The common forms that these adhesives exist are the wafer, powder, cream or paste, cushion, tape and strips. While denture adhesives help to keep your dentures secured on the gums, they are not supposed to be used with a poorly made or unfitting denture. They are manufactured to make sure that your dentures are comfortably fixed and not to correct any structural problems with your dentures.


Each type of denture adhesive has some pros and cons. The powdered ones are easy to apply and relatively easy to clean up excess in case you have used too much. Despite the powdered ones offering a secure grip, it only lasts for a few hours. Tapes and wafers are usually placed on the base of the dentures and cut to fit. This means that they are also very easy to apply. They are able to provide a secure grip throughout the day but the wearing of the dentures is uncomfortable. Also, if you apply to much adhesive, you will have to clean it which is at times difficult to accomplish.

A special type of denture adhesive that is currently available in the market is the cushion grip. It is applied in the same way as the paste or the cream. At the beginning it can be a bit messy but when you discover the amount you are supposed to use, it becomes easy for you. Cushion grip is a special type since it provides a good comfortable grip to your dentures for up to 4 days.  The other types of adhesives can only last for one hour to one day. An example of this type of denture adhesive that can last up to 4 days is the Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive.


Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive is available in various forms. You can purchase them in form of powder, glue or cushion grip. It is important to decide the type of the cushion grip to use. Despite it providing a good gri , they can leave you with a headache frustration throughout the day. Several denture adhesives available in the market are excellent while others are really a total waste of money.


 There are other important things that you are supposed to keep in mind despite the denture adhesive you chose to use.


• Make sure that your dentures are always clean and all the left over adhesive is removed before applying a new adhesive.


• Follow the instructions on the denture adhesive package together with your dentist’s instructions when using any denture adhesive product.


• In case of any allergic reaction, discontinue using the product and immediately consult your dentist 

Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive has been proven and recommended by many dentists all over the world to be the best denture adhesive with very minor reported side effects. It is compatible with almost every individual who uses dentures. Apart from it providing a good grip and comfortability throughout the day, it does not get cleaned or removed by drinking fluids or perhaps spitting. It was made in an Australian office that had regards for its patients to have free and appropriate veneers. Dentists all over the world have recommended t it to be very effective to almost every individual including you. The success and popularity of Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive has been derived from its safety and functions that exceeds other types of denture adhesives in the market.


Most of the denture adhesives have an element of zinc oxide to prevent them from being soluble when you consume fluids. The solubility property makes the adhesive to be washed away while you eat or drink fluids. Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive does not require zinc oxide for it to be effective. It is water proof and won’t be washed away while eating of drinking. Instead it generates a powerful resilient connection between your gums and denture preventing sliding and slipping throughout the day.  A research that was carried out in a particular school of dental care examined some dental products such as dental adhesives and found the ingredient of zinc oxide. They conclude that continued deposition of zinc oxide into the body causes extreme problems such as neurological injuries and blood stream problems.


These are some of the things that all dentists should be open to their patients and provide them with the information concerning the various types of dental products available in the market. Giving honest and unbiased information to a patient enables him or her make an informed decision when he or she decides to go ahead and purchase a certain type of a product. Dentists should also carry out research on a continuous basis concerning the new dental products that are emerging in the market. These products should undergo some laboratory testing to determine the ingredients that constitute them and their effect to the human body. This information should later be released to the public to ensure they make a wise and informed decision.


According to this article, it is advisable that you avoid using a denture adhesive that has zinc oxide. Ensure you confirm the ingredients on the manufacture’s package and consult your dentist before using any denture adhesive.